Youth Programs & Services

Juvenile Justice Intervention and Support Program (JJIS): This program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at addressing the needs of at-risk and justice-involved Pacific Islanders youth in our community. Grounded in evidence-based practices and commitment to restorative justice principles, JJIS seeks to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation, reintegration, and personal growth for young individuals who have encountered the juvenile justice system.

Youth Leadership Council– The PICO program will mentor and develop Middle and High School youths in the Portland- Vancouver area, to become leaders in their community.

 After School- Mentorship Program– This program will focus on middle and high school students to improve their test scores, improving their Grade Point Average.

Pacific Islander Youth’s Entrepreneurship Program– This program will mentor and develop Pacific Islander youths to cultivate, inspire, and create their ideas and bring them to life!

PICO Youth Sports: The backbone of our programs, our sports programs focus on helping Pacific Islanders, BIPOC youths to develop skills in leadership, resilience, commitment, and dedication through sports.

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Support Groups-

Resiliency Matters Groups (RMG): A peer-led support network dedicated to fostering a safe and nurturing space for individuals facing challenges, seeking personal growth, and building resilience. This group brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal of supporting one another through life’s ups and downs.

Fa’aola Ola– A culturally sensitive and empowering group for a Samoan- Led group that focuses on mental health and recovery. Faaola means “way of life” or “to Live ”, and ola mean “life”. It reflects the group’s commitment to promoting positive living and well-being. Ola emphasizes the group’s focus on mental health and overall wellness.

Austin Candanoza

Austin Candanoza- Director of Youth Programs and Services – Contact Austin at

Campers 8-14 yrs. old
Sat. July 15, 2023
Central Catholic High School Field
2401 SE Stark Street
Portland, Or. 97214
Driving Directions
$50.00 PayPal
Walk-in registration:
$75.00 Cash Only

Limited to 100 participants
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Austin Candanoza- Director of Youth Programs and Services

Austin brings a lifetime of experience in the competitive sports world and community service. A former collegiate athlete (and now professional fighter), Austin emphasizes the power of sports and service to engage with the youth of our community.

More specifically, he utilizes his athletic background to create an environment here to promote a healthy lifestyle, a challenging/productive environment, and assist our youth to achieve their aspirations through fitness training and long-term life planning. Austin is also a huge proponent of collaborating with other organizations within the Vancouver community.

Austin Candanoza

For the past decade, Austin has provided mentorship/resources to the Latino and African American communities in South Los Angeles. These services included athletic and self-defense training, exposing inner city youth to identifiable figures who are successful within their neighborhood, and collaborating with corporate entities to provide resources to children (athletic gear, proper nutrition, access to job opportunities).

Given all his experience working with youth in Los Angeles, Austin has now returned to Vancouver and has created a non-profit gym for underserved youth. His gym/after-school program has become an essential part of the community; the demographic of the children he serves is incredibly unrepresented in our city. His program primarily serves Pacific Islander, Latino, and African American communities.